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T3 Arena World Championship to be Offline Only

Lazycaz, one of the developers of the popular mobile game T3 Arena, recently revealed some exciting news for the game’s competitive scene on Discord. According to Lazycaz, the World Championship for T3 Arena can only be done offline due to server restrictions. This means that LAN matches or at least bringing people to the same place with the same network conditions will be necessary.

While this news may disappoint some fans who were hoping for an online World Championship, Lazycaz also shared some promising information about the game’s online tournaments. The developers plan to focus on Japan and the US for online tournaments because these regions offer the best combination of network conditions and device optimizations.

Lazycaz also announced that the T3 Arena team is working on upgrading the branding of their tournaments to make it more cohesive and represent the game better to potential new players. This is part of a bigger plan to update their hero balancing tactics, with references taken from the popular PC game League of Legends.

The T3 Arena community can expect some exciting developments in the game’s competitive scene in the near future, with offline World Championships and improved branding and balancing tactics for online tournaments. As always, Lazycaz and the rest of the T3 Arena team are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their players and fans.

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