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Gordo hints at 4.0 matchmaking system in the works!

Gordo, one of the devs of T3 Arena, recently discussed the current state of the game’s matchmaking system in the official T3 Arena Discord. According to Gordo, Matchmaking 3.0 (TrueSkill system) is still active, but the team has been working on optimizing the experience for new accounts and new Heroes.

The goal of these optimizations is to make the system more forgiving towards players who are still learning the ropes of a new Hero. With these changes, players should have more time to get comfortable with a new Hero before being thrown into more competitive matches.

This news is sure to be welcomed by newer players who may have felt discouraged by the game’s matchmaking system in the past. With a more forgiving system in place, players can focus on improving their skills without the fear of being matched up against more experienced opponents.

It’s important to note that the Matchmaking 3.0 system is still active, and the optimizations mentioned by Gordo are designed to work within the existing framework. This means that players should still expect fair and competitive matches, but with a more balanced experience for new accounts and Heroes.

Overall, this is a positive step forward for T3 Arena and its community. By making the game more accessible to newer players, the development team is showing a commitment to improving the experience for everyone and hopefully developing Matchmaking 4.0. As always, players are encouraged to share their feedback and thoughts on the game’s matchmaking system, as it will continue to evolve and improve over time.

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