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Mastering Aleta in T3 Arena: Tips and Tricks for Difficult Gameplay

Aleta is one of the most difficult heroes to play in T3 Arena, but also has the highest skill ceiling. Here are some tips and tricks to help you play her more effectively:

  1. Don’t be absorbed by her kit: Aleta’s abilities are very distracting, but don’t forget that her gun only has 20 shots per chamber, so the ammo runs out quickly. Use her abilities wisely and don’t get too caught up in her movement and shiftiness.
  2. Gunplay first, finesse second: When playing Aleta, use your dashes only when reloading or after getting locked on by the enemy. If the enemy is out-aiming you, using dashes to mess up their aim is a good tip. If you have a good angle, don’t use your dashes and laser them down.
  3. Use her ultimate to your advantage: Aleta’s ultimate gives her two different play styles – flashy close range trickster or sustained close to mid-range user. Regardless of which ultimate you use, her gun auto-reloads after you use the ultimate, so you can use it to maximize damage. For example, when using the hollow burst, it gives you unlimited ammo, so you can get the real damage of the main gun.
  4. Play style 1: Flashy close range trickster: If you want to play as a flashy close range trickster, use the decoy bomb while in the face of your opponent. Dash back and forth to make it harder for the enemy to hit you. Use the ultimate and the decoy bomb only when you absolutely need to, unless the entire enemy team is standing together in a group.
  5. Play style 2: Sustained close to mid-range user: This play style is great for dealing more damage from a safer distance. Use Aleta’s kit to maintain distance from your enemies and deal damage over time. Be sure to stay mobile, though, to avoid getting hit by the enemy’s attacks.

While Aleta is one of the most challenging heroes to play in T3 Arena, mastering her can be incredibly rewarding. With her high skill ceiling, Aleta can be a game-changer in the right hands. Remember to balance her abilities with her gunplay, using her ultimate to your advantage and adjusting your play style based on the situation. Practice, experimentation, and patience are key to becoming an expert Aleta player, so keep at it and enjoy the journey.


  1. Cuneyit Barut Barut
    19th Mar 2023 Reply

    Very good information for Aleta Guide make Ossas guide please and many more 😁

    • chemist
      19th Mar 2023 Reply

      Coming up very soon sometime this month! Stay tuned !!

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