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T3 Arena 1 Year Anniversary to Feature New Road Map

Gordo of T3 Arena, recently shared some exciting news with the game’s community on Discord. The development team is putting a much greater focus on transparency and establishing a clearer road map for the game’s future content. According to Gordo, this will help both the team and the community to have clear expectations of what’s to come.

To celebrate T3 Arena’s 1 Year Anniversary, the team is planning to reveal a new road map for 2023. While Gordo couldn’t provide too many details, he did give a sneak peek into some of the exciting topics that will be covered in the new road map.

  1. The T3 Arena squad will be focusing on the development of 5v5 gameplay. This is a highly requested feature from the community, and it’s great to see that the team is actively working on it.
  2. They are looking into improving the game’s design with regards to trophy progression and hero pick mechanics. These are important aspects of the game that can greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience.
  3. The team is planning to introduce a new hero balancing framework. This is important as it ensures that all heroes are viable and balanced for competitive gameplay.
  4. They are also planning to establish an official E-Sports League for T3 Arena. This is great news for players who are passionate about competitive gameplay and are looking for a chance to showcase their skills on a larger platform.
  5. And innovating the 3v3 gameplay mode. This will add a fresh new twist to the game and provide players with new and exciting challenges.
  6. Lastly, the team is looking to improve the ranked mode. This will ensure a fair and competitive gameplay experience for players who are looking to climb up the ranks.

It’s honestly great to see that the T3 Arena development team is actively listening to the community and working on improving the game. The new road map for 2023 is sure to excite players and provide them with even more engaging content to enjoy. Stay tuned for the official 1 Year Anniversary video drop to learn more about what’s coming next for T3 Arena.

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