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T3 Dojo’s Legends Return: A High-Stakes 3v3 T3 Arena Tournament

T3 Dojo is back with a bang, presenting the “Legends Return” T3 Arena tournament, set to take place on March 25th, 2023. This highly anticipated 3v3 arena tournament is sure to bring in a lot of excitement and competition for players and spectators alike.

Teams from North America, South America, and Asia will face off for the number one spot, with the European tournament taking place on Laveb’s Rush League Server. Teams that sign up for the tournament are expected to play and participate fully, and failure to do so will result in disqualification.

The tournament rules emphasize sportsmanship and good conduct, with penalties for inappropriate behavior such as the use of derogatory slurs or trash talk that crosses the line. All team members must be in the T3 Dojo server, and teams that are late to their first game will be penalized with a one-game forfeit.

T3 Dojo promises a tournament that creates narratives and stories for months to come, with high-stakes narratives prepared by TMGG Temper and BangHowdy. The prize pool will be 2K T-Gems which can be used in-game to get special skins and other goods. The tournament is expected to bid farewell to the old format, paving the way for a new one.

Ultimately, the Legends Return tournament is about having fun while competing at the highest level. With its emphasis on sportsmanship, high-stakes competition, and exciting narratives, this 3v3 arena tournament is sure to be a must-watch event for esports fans.

Here is a helpful link:
T3 Dojo Discord Server: https://discord.gg/t3fY5KJXQd
For EU Tournaments Laveb’s Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/9CK8qag

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