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Happy 1 Year Anniversary T3 Arena!

Lazycaz and Gordo just released a heartfelt 1 year anniversary video on YouTube. As we all know T3 Arena has been thriving in the gaming community since its Early Access launch one year ago. The devs behind the game had a vision of creating the best hero shooter for mobile devices, and they have been working hard to achieve this goal ever since.

To celebrate the game’s first anniversary, the devs shared their roadmap for the upcoming year. One of the biggest updates to look forward to is the release of the 5v5 mode, which has been available in beta and has received positive feedback. The mode has been game-changing, thanks to the addition of a second active ability and rebalancing of heroes.

In preparation for the full launch of 5v5 with more features, the beta mode will be temporarily disabled in the April update. However, it will be reintroduced in two different versions in June: a casual version with normal hero balancing and a beta version with more heroes featuring their second actives. Six more heroes are currently being worked on and will be gradually launched in beta throughout the year.

The game’s hero pick and progression mechanics will also be reworked this year to give players more control and choice. The current trophy system will be modified to allow players to choose the hero that best suits their playstyle rather than forcing them to switch heroes to progress. A new hero switching mechanism will also be introduced to 3v3 in the April update, giving players more freedom to choose which hero to use based on what works best for them.

To maintain the game’s competitive experience, the devs are adopting a new balancing framework that segments hero data based on the level and context of play. The framework will assign different thresholds for what is considered overpowered or underpowered. The new framework will be implemented in the April update, and by August, players can expect more competitively balanced heroes.

The game’s community has grown significantly since its launch, and the devs are excited to announce the first-ever official T3 Arena League, starting in April. Japan and North America will be the first regions to have their schedules revealed, and more regions like China and Latin America will be included by the end of the year.

The April update will be the first step in the new 2023 roadmap and will introduce mid-match hero switching in 3v3. Players will be able to switch heroes mid-match, giving matches more excitement and unpredictability. The Ranked mode will also receive improvements, making it easier for highly skilled players to progress.

Let’s not forget about the new skins the devs teased, which will be available in the April update. They have also created a special “Welcome Back” event to invite players who dropped out to come back and play T3 Arena again. The devs also invited some very well known content creators like More Atomyc, Sukittah Oficial, ShadyFox, FenixBRyt, JordyGoesRAWR and KingImmortal to share their thoughts on the game, expressing their hopes for the future, such as new heroes, maps, game modes, and even official T3 championships.

T3 Arena has come a long way in the past year and is committed to bringing its players the best hero shooter experience on mobile devices. With exciting updates and improvements planned for the upcoming year, players can expect more amazing experiences with T3 Arena. And also Happy 1 Year Anniversary to T3 Arena! 😭🎉 (Seeing Lazycaz tear up just hit different you know)

If you are new here I would highly recommend that you try out T3 Arena. The game is available on iOS, Android and Taptap. Check out the links below to check out the 1 Year Anniversary video, download the game, join in on Discord and all the amazing content creators for T3 Arena.

Here are some useful links:
1 Year Anniversary YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX4VSJC–yA
App Store Download: https://tap.io/kBlkBmVT
Google Play Download: https://tap.io/V7hJSGfT
TapTap Download: https://tap.io/oKPVVT2t
T3 Arena Website: https://t3arena.xd.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/t3arena
More Atomyc: https://www.youtube.com/@MoreAtomyc
Sukittah Oficial: https://www.youtube.com/@sukittahs
ShadyFox: https://www.youtube.com/@ShadyFoxGaming
FenixBRyt: https://www.youtube.com/@fenixbryt
JordyGoesRAWR: https://www.youtube.com/@jordygoesrawr.
KingImmortal: https://www.youtube.com/@KingImmortal

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