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What is the 5v5 game mode in T3 Arena and what are its new mechanisms?

The 5v5 game mode in T3 Arena is a new gameplay experience that allows players to play in teams of 5. This is a new and exciting mode that brings a fast, chaotic and pure fun experience. It is an evolution to the classic gameplay and a big step forward in creating a hero shooter experience in the palm of your hands. The 5v5 game mode introduces three important new mechanisms: playing in teams of 5, switching heroes within a match, and controlling 3 abilities instead of 2.

Playing in teams of 5 completely changes the experience in T3 Arena as it requires the reworking of how heroes are balanced. In the 5v5 mode, any hero you bring into the game will be maxed out, and the upgrades to your heroes in the classic mode should not be a consideration. The 5v5 mode does not give you a preset role to play in, and you will be able to freely explore any types of team comp.

Switching heroes within a match means that your team comp can be forever changing, and it is much more strategic. There are two situations where you can switch to a different hero: when you are knocked out and are waiting for respawn, and when you are at your respawn area even if you are not knocked out.

Controlling 3 abilities instead of 2 is the third major change introduced in the 5v5 mode. In this beta test, an all-new second active ability is introduced, which can be used alongside your first active and the ult. With the new second active, players will find managing all these cooldowns a lot more challenging. It is the first time the game introduces abilities with countering properties. For example, some abilities could hinder opponents from getting the heals.

The 5v5 mode will be available in the Lab as a beta, with 3 maps available, including Emmental, Brauersdock, and Gigacave Mine, and 11 Heroes will have their stats rebalanced. It will also be available in the completely free private game lobby. Matchmaking is also an important part of the experience, and in 5v5, the MMR algorithm from Ranked will be adopted, so that players are matched based on their skills instead of trophies.

Although in recent developments the T3 team is planning on releasing 5v5 in two different modes. One with the new mechanic and the second with the original 3v3 mechanics. As of right now 5v5 with the new mechanics is only available, we will have to wait on the new update for the 3v3 mechanic style. Hope you found this informative, please drop a comment and let us know what you think about the new 5v5 mode.

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