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T3 Arena Healers: Iris vs Chemist

Iris and Chemist are currently (3/2023) the only two support heroes in T3 Arena. Both have their unique abilities that make them valuable members of any team. While Iris is a mid-range healer, Chemist is a biotic grenade launcher who can both heal and harm opponents. Let’s take a closer look at their abilities:


Main weapon: Energy Repeater – A mid-range rapid-firing energy weapon.

Active ability: Pie-Bot – Attaches a healing drone to a teammate to heal nearby allies. It attaches to self if no available ally is in range.

Ultimate ability: Healing Field – Deploys an enhanced healing drone to heal all allies within its range.

Passive ability: Med Sampling – KOed opponents will drop health pickups that can be used by the team.


Main weapon: Bio-grenade – A biotic grenade launcher that heals teammates and hurts opponents at the same time.

Active ability: Rapid-shot – Does rapid fire multiple smaller bio-grenades.

Ultimate ability: Potent Trigger – Activates the full potency of a teammate, boosting their combat effectiveness for a short time.

Passive ability: Improved Compound – Applies an additional heal over time effect to weapon and active abilities.

In terms of playstyle, Iris is best used to keep the team healthy during battles. Her Pie-Bot ability is a great way to keep a teammate alive while they’re under fire, and her ultimate Healing Field is useful for healing everyone in a large area. Meanwhile, Chemist can both heal and deal damage, making her a versatile hero on the battlefield. Her rapid-fire bio-grenades can quickly take out opponents, and her Potent Trigger ability can boost the combat effectiveness of a teammate during a critical moment.

Both Iris and Chemist have their unique strengths and can be valuable additions to any team. Choosing between them ultimately depends on your playstyle and the needs of your team.

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