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T3 Arena Extends 5v5 Public Matchmaking Due to Popular Demand

Gordo just announced on Discord that the public matchmaking for 5v5 has been extended even though the time-limited event finished. Due to popular demand, players can continue to enjoy 5v5 in public matchmaking throughout the rest of the beta period.

In addition, Gordo also revealed that T3 Arena will be introducing more 5v5 events soon, providing players with even more opportunities to claim rewards. He expressed his gratitude for the community’s amazing feedback and stated that T3 Arena will continue to develop the game based on their feedback.

5v5 is a popular game mode in T3 Arena, where players form teams of five to battle against each other. The mode has been well-received by the community, and the extension of public matchmaking will undoubtedly be good news for fans of the game.

As the beta testing continues, T3 Arena is expected to introduce more features and improvements to the game. Fans can look forward to more updates and events from the developers in the coming weeks and months.

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