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Mastering Ossas in T3 Arena: Tips and Tricks for Stealthy Gameplay

Ossas is a sniper hero in T3 Arena who can deal significant damage from afar. In this article, we’ll explore some of Ossas’s best tips and tricks, team compositions, maps, and game modes to help you become a better player.

  1. Take Your First Shot Without Shadowfall One of the essential things to keep in mind while playing Ossas is to take your first shot without using your Shadowfall ability. Shadowfall is a potent ability that can blind your opponents, making it easier to land a shot. However, using it reveals may potentially give away your position, making you vulnerable to counter-attacks. By taking your first shot without Shadowfall, you can catch your opponents off guard, increasing your chances of landing an easy kill.
  2. Save Your Ultimate For Flankers As a sniper, Ossas is always at risk of getting flanked by opponents. To counter this, you can use Ossas’s Dark Surge ultimate ability. This ability deals 6,300 damage per second and can quickly eliminate any opponents who try to flank you. By using your ultimate ability, you can quickly dispatch your foes and return to help your teammates in a 3v2 situation.
  3. Use Shadowfall As Cover For Your Teammates One of the most high-skilled maneuvers with Ossas is to use smoke as cover for your teammates. When playing in any game mode, you can throw a smoke grenade into the mix of a fight. Your teammates can see through the smoke, giving them a massive advantage over your opponents. Auto fire stops working when the blind goes down, making it difficult for your opponents to hit their targets. This can give your teammates an easy win.
  4. Use Shadowfall As Bait When you use Shadowfall, your opponents will assume that you are hiding behind the cover. However, you can use this to your advantage and throw Shadowfall across the map to draw your opponents’ attention. This will create an opportunity for your teammates to take advantage of your opponents being distracted, giving them an easy win.
  5. Don’t Always Use A Full Charge Shot While landing a fully charged shot is satisfying, it’s not always necessary. When you land a good body shot, you don’t always need to use a full charge shot to finish off your opponents. You can use a quick half-scope to deal significant damage to your opponents, finishing them off with ease.

Team Compositions When playing Ossas, it’s crucial to have a balanced team composition. Ossas needs a tank and a mid-range specialist to cover his weaknesses. The tank can absorb damage and protect Ossas from flanking attacks, while the mid-range specialist can provide cover fire and support Ossas in long-range engagements.

Maps and Game Modes Ossas excels on maps with long sightlines, making him a potent force in game modes like Domination, Control, and Search and Destroy. In these game modes, Ossas can pick off opponents from afar and control the map, making it difficult for the enemy team to advance.

In conclusion, Ossas is a potent sniper hero in T3 Arena, and mastering his abilities can make you a valuable asset to your team. By following these tips and tricks, you can become a better Ossas player and help your team secure victories in even the toughest of engagements.

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