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Mastering Chemist in T3 Arena: Tips and Tricks

Chemist is a unique healer in the sense that she is a projectile healer and can move around freely while healing her team. She is the only one of two heroes (currently as of 3/2023) in her category, the other being Iris. Today, we’ll be discussing tips and tricks for mastering Chemist.

  1. Chemist is excellent in free-for-all matches. She can prevent herself from dying many times over with her unique healing ability that has a huge splash radius. It also does damage to opposing enemy, which is around 1200-1500 per shot, making it a useful ability. Additionally, her ability discerns between damage and healing, so you can damage and heal at the same time.
  2. Another unique aspect of Chemist is her ability to heal herself by aiming at the ground manually. This ability enables her to regen her health at a substantial rate, making it easier to survive even in the toughest situations. Her secondary ability is a triple burst, which is excellent for closing out engagements.
  3. However, Chemist has some weaknesses that you should keep in mind. She has limited range, making it best to play in close-range situations such as corners or behind your team. If you are playing against Chemist, keep in mind that anything at range will destroy her if they are a good shot. But shooting at a distance can definitely help, you just have to aim it precisely.
  4. Chemist’s ultimate ability is a boost that gives her full health regen, boosts her damage, and makes her nearly impossible to kill. This ability is like Mario with a Super Star, Sonic becoming Super Sonic or Goku in Super Saiyan mode, complete with a green glowing outline, making it a ton of fun to use. However, she is still vulnerable to group attacks when using her ultimate ability, so you need to be careful.
  5. Chemist is particularly effective in Control game mode due to her ability to deal AoE damage and healing. Her presence on the point can make it difficult for the enemy team to dislodge her, and she can also eliminate multiple enemies with her powerful attacks. Chemist is an excellent hero choice for players who prefer a control-based playstyle.

In conclusion, Chemist is an excellent character with unique abilities that make her a valuable asset in pesky game modes such as control or payload. You can play around the cart, have your team play around you, and become very hard to eliminate in payload. She also does well against squishy characters due to her splash damage and the ability to heal herself simultaneously. I hope you found these tips and tricks for Chemist very helpful, keep practicing and you will be the best!

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