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Insight into T3 Arena’s Matchmaking System: Lazycaz Addresses High TrueSkill Scores & Queuing Time

Lazycaz, one of the devs from T3 Arena, recently took to Discord to share some insight into the matchmaking process of the game. In a post on the server, he provided some information on how matchmaking works in casual, 5v5, and ranked modes for high TrueSkill score players.

According to Lazycaz, high TrueSkill score players in casual mode may have to wait to match with players of similar skill level. This is done to protect newer players in casual mode from getting matched with high skilled players, which could result in an unfair match. He also mentioned that if you queue for a few minutes in casual, you may get a match right away, so your matchmaking time doesn’t exceed a certain threshold.

For players with higher TrueSkill scores, a way to navigate the long wait times in casual mode is to queue in 5v5 or ranked. However, it could still take a few minutes for highly skilled players to find a match in these modes. Currently, T3 Arena is seeing an average wait time of about 6 minutes for players with high TrueSkill scores in 5v5 and ranked modes.

Lazycaz acknowledged that queuing for 6 minutes on average in 5v5/ranked modes could still be a long time for some players. However, he believes that this is the best overall solution for high skill players at the moment. He also promised to provide more details on the matter soon.

Lazycaz’s recent comments on Discord shed some light on the matchmaking process in T3 Arena for high TrueSkill score players. While the wait times in 5v5 and ranked modes could still be long, it is currently the best solution available for high skill players in the game. The development team at T3 Arena is constantly working to improve the matchmaking process, and we can expect more updates on this matter in the future.

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