Mastering Chemist in T3 Arena: Tips and Tricks

Chemist is a unique healer in the sense that she is a projectile healer and can move around freely while healing her team. She is the only one of two heroes (currently as of 3/2023) in her category, the other being Iris. Today, we’ll be discussing tips and tricks for mastering Chemist.

T3 Arena wants to hear from you about 5v5 mode – take the survey and get rewarded!

T3 Arena is always looking to improve the game experience for players, and their newest game mode, 5v5, is no exception. To better understand how to develop and make 5v5 more fun for players, Gordo recently posted a survey on Discord.

Players are encouraged to take the survey and leave their in-game account ID so that rewards can be sent once the survey closes on April 3. The survey will only take about 5 minutes to complete and the T3 Arena team is confident it will be worth the effort.

5v5 mode beta is coming to a completed phase, the devs are reaching out to you. If you’re interested in shaping the future of 5v5 in T3 Arena, head on over and take the survey!

Here is a link to the survey (Sourced from official T3 Arena discord):

Mastering Ossas in T3 Arena: Tips and Tricks for Stealthy Gameplay

Ossas is a sniper hero in T3 Arena who can deal significant damage from afar. In this article, we’ll explore some of Ossas’s best tips and tricks, team compositions, maps, and game modes to help you become a better player. Tip #1: Take Your First Shot Without Shadowfall One of the essential things to keep in mind while playing Ossas is to take your first shot without using your Shadowfall ability. Shadowfall is a potent ability that can blind your opponents, making it easier to land a shot. However, using it reveals may potentially give away your position, making you vulnerable to counter-attacks. By taking your first shot without Shadowfall, you can catch your opponents off guard, increasing your chances of landing an easy kill.
Tip #2: Save Your Ultimate For Flankers As a sniper, Ossas is always at risk of getting flanked by opponents. To counter this, you can use Ossas’s Dark Surge ultimate ability. This ability deals 6,300 damage per second and can quickly eliminate any opponents who try to flank you. By using your ultimate ability, you can quickly dispatch your foes and return to help your teammates in a 3v2 situation.

T3 Arena Devs Address Community Concerns about Servers and Optimization Issues

We all love T3 Arena and I am sure many of us have faced its fair share of technical issues, particularly when it comes to servers and optimization. In the recent Q&A YouTube video, Lazycaz and Double T, the devs of T3 Arena, addressed some of the community’s most pressing concerns about these issues.

One of the biggest issues that players have been experiencing is lag and ping problems. Many players have reported frame rate drops and server issues, which can negatively impact their gameplay experience. Lazycaz and Double T explained that adding more servers across different regions could help alleviate some of these issues, but they also noted that splitting the player base across too many servers could lead to longer matchmaking times. As a result, the developers are focusing on optimizing their existing servers to minimize client-side issues and improve the overall gameplay experience. There are currently servers in the following main regions: North America, Japan, parts of Asia, and Latin America. The devs have noticed that there are some players from the middle east and other regions but it’s currently not enough to open more servers at this time. They will definitely consider this in the future with more updates.

Another issue that has been raised by the community is right-side peaking and hitbox abuse. Players have reported being shot past or behind walls, which can be frustrating and unfair. The developers acknowledged these issues and promised to work on fixing them in future updates.

Lazycaz and Double T’s video shows that they are actively listening to the community’s feedback and working to address their concerns. By optimizing their servers and addressing technical issues like right-side peaking and hitbox abuse, they are committed to providing a better gaming experience for T3 Arena players around the world.

Here is a link to the official T3 Arena’s latest Q&A video on YouTube:

T3 Arena: Considerations for PC Ports and Cross-Platform Gaming

As the popularity of T3 Arena continues to grow, fans have been clamoring for the game to be available on other platforms. Specifically, many are hoping for a PC port of the game that would allow for more precise controls and a potentially smoother gameplay experience.

In a recent discussion between T3 Arena developers Lazycaz and Double T, the possibility of a PC port was addressed. While it is not currently in the works, the developers did confirm that they have considered bringing the game to other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

However, the developers also noted that they are still working to optimize the mobile version of the game before branching out to other platforms. This is especially important for the 5v5 game mode, which has been reported to experience FPS drops and lag.

Additionally, the developers highlighted the importance of balancing gameplay for all platforms in the event of cross-platform gaming. They noted that many PC players currently use emulators to play T3 Arena, which can create an imbalance in the game.

It seems that a PC port of T3 Arena is a possibility in the future, but it will likely be some time before it becomes a reality. In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the game on mobile and look forward to potential updates that will improve the overall gameplay experience.

T3 Arena Extends 5v5 Public Matchmaking Due to Popular Demand

Gordo, one of the developers from T3 Arena, announced on Discord that the public matchmaking for 5v5 has been extended even though the time-limited event finished. Due to popular demand, players can continue to enjoy 5v5 in public matchmaking throughout the rest of the beta period.

In addition, Gordo also revealed that T3 Arena will be introducing more 5v5 events soon, providing players with even more opportunities to claim rewards. He expressed his gratitude for the community’s amazing feedback and stated that T3 Arena will continue to develop the game based on their feedback.

5v5 is a popular game mode in T3 Arena, where players form teams of five to battle against each other. The mode has been well-received by the community, and the extension of public matchmaking will undoubtedly be good news for fans of the game.

As the beta testing continues, T3 Arena is expected to introduce more features and improvements to the game. Fans can look forward to more updates and events from the developers in the coming weeks and months.

Get Ready to Level Up Your T3 Arena Skills with BangHowdy’s Live Coaching on Arena Corner

The Arena Corner Podcast is back with its fifth episode, Live Coaching and Review, hosted by T3 Dojo’s very own BangHowdy. This episode promises to provide live coaching and feedback to improve your core gameplay, mechanics, strategies, communication, and more. Whether you’re a casual player seeking to dive deeper into the complexities of T3 Arena or a competitive player seeking to refresh your knowledge or improve your skills in tournaments, this episode was made especially for you.

The podcast has already featured some amazing guests, including JordyGoesRAWR, Myron, Shouri and many other members of the T3 Arena community. The last episode was all about Esports and it was simply amazing.

The upcoming fifth episode of the Arena Corner podcast, set to air on Friday, March 24th at 7:30pm CST. With the T3 Arena community on the rise, this episode is yet another excellent addition to the series, perfect to connect with the T3 Arena community. Enter the arena to improve your gameplay, enhance your strategies, and receive live feedback from the experienced BangHowdy. So, dust off your devices, take off your shoes, and get ready to sharpen your skills.

What is the 5v5 game mode in T3 Arena and what are its new mechanisms?

The 5v5 game mode in T3 Arena is a new gameplay experience that allows players to play in teams of 5. This is a new and exciting mode that brings a fast, chaotic and pure fun experience. It is an evolution to the classic gameplay and a big step forward in creating a hero shooter experience in the palm of your hands. The 5v5 game mode introduces three important new mechanisms: playing in teams of 5, switching heroes within a match, and controlling 3 abilities instead of 2.