Happy 1 Year Anniversary T3 Arena!

Lazycaz and Gordo just released a heartfelt 1 year anniversary video on YouTube. As we all know T3 Arena has been thriving in the gaming community since its Early Access launch one year ago. The devs behind the game had a vision of creating the best hero shooter for mobile devices, and they have been working hard to achieve this goal ever since.

To celebrate the game’s first anniversary, the devs shared their roadmap for the upcoming year. One of the biggest updates to look forward to is the release of the 5v5 mode, which has been available in beta and has received positive feedback. The mode has been game-changing, thanks to the addition of a second active ability and rebalancing of heroes.

Get Ready for the Arena Corner Podcast: All About Esports!

The Arena Corner Podcast, hosted by BangHowdy, is back with its fourth episode, and this time, it’s all about T3 Arena Esports! The episode promises to cover everything you need to know about the T3 Arena competitive scene, including how it all began, where we are now, and what the future holds. You’ll learn about creating your own tournaments, the art of commentary, and developing engaging events, as well as tips for getting into the competitive scene and growing as a player.

T3 Arena 1 Year Anniversary to Feature New Road Map

Gordo of T3 Arena, recently shared some exciting news with the game’s community on Discord. The development team is putting a much greater focus on transparency and establishing a clearer road map for the game’s future content. According to Gordo, this will help both the team and the community to have clear expectations of what’s […]