T3 Arena’s Latest Patch Notes: 3v3 Mid-Match Hero Swapping, Events, and Quality of Life Improvements

T3 Arena is set to receive a major update on March 31 at 7:00 am (UTC). The latest update, version 1.34.1473522, will bring a host of new features, including the highly anticipated 3v3 Mid-Match Hero Swapping, new events, and quality of life improvements.

3v3 Mid-Match Hero Swapping:
The biggest addition to the game is the introduction of 3v3 Mid-Match Hero Swapping, which will make battles even more dynamic and unpredictable. Players will now be able to swap Heroes mid-match, adding a new layer of strategy and depth to gameplay. After being KOed, players can select a different Hero before their revive timer runs out. The Trophy Settlement post-match will be adjusted depending on the Heroes used mid-match.