Sneak-peek on Upcoming New Creator Program!

T3 Arena fans and content creators have something exciting to look forward to, as the game’s development team has shared a sneak peek of a new creator program that they are working on. The program aims to expand beyond T3 Arena and offer support for creators across multiple games published by XD Entertainment.

The T3 Arena team has been impressed by the talent and dedication of its content creators, and recognizes that many of them are passionate gamers who enjoy playing other XD titles as well. As a result, they are thrilled to announce that a universal creator program/platform is currently in the works.

This new program will allow creators to explore multiple venues to grow their channels, without requiring content exclusivity at T3 Arena/XD. Some creators have found that publishing content for multiple games can help to ensure optimal channel growth.

The goal is to create a central Creators platform that will provide all the necessary resources to continue producing exceptional content and feel fully supported as members of the XD community. The T3 Arena team promises to provide more news as soon as the program materializes, and they are committed to doing their best to help creators get access to as many resources and support as possible. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new program!